We can offer to you full scale services in branch of lifting equipment:

  • Technical design, production and assembly of new lifts
  • Reconstruction and modernizing of existing lifts
  • New car manufacturing
  • Full-scale servicing
  • Consultancy

New Lifts

We produce and mount passenger lifts including panoramic, hoists lifts, lifts suitable for patients on portable sick-beds. Range starts with load capacity 50kg and is amounting to 5000 kg in case of lifts for car transportation.

From the point of view of the drive we can offer:

  • hydraulic lifts
  • rope lifts – both of traction and tackle
  • lifts with chain drive

Company's specialization

  • Essential programs of our company are new car manufacture, manufacture of exclusive and panoramic lifts which can satisfy even very demanding costumers.
  • Our products are in compliance with all of safety standards and are fully comparable to even the most up to date products with foreing country origin.
  • High quality and hot servicing are both commonplace.